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snit drags me in my brow itches underneath my skin then the burden decays once again its slowly fading away recurrence transference endless grind feckless live
another time, another act of despair another time i found my hands bond to a chair another time a bright light to my face another surrender, another disgrace because i ́m getting out of my track a lack of selfrespect i got chains on my feet and once again i ́ve been causing my selfdefeat constantly making up my version of truth constantly promising next time i ́ll improve euphoric feelings when i start up again but not a single time that i pulled through i can see myself when i close my eyes rising high but there is an oversized cold hand that is pushing me down around my neck and this hand is my own ultimate abuse to my self by my own hand
rejection expulsion hounded life is left behind acceptance? rather disinclined! surivival in the eyes of the night ain ́t got no right ain ́t got no ground another sleepless night locked inside the pound lack of perspectives brutalistation of compassion and empathy exclusion tramendously disparaging eventually deproted, delivered, defeated by a state turning a blind eye to a felony reducing lives to commodities even equating a live to scum a!wellknown method where i ́m from
A TOOL 02:45
chased and no chance that they desist no way. they ain ́t willig to forgive truth! i can never hide i can not got to earth, will always get indentified persecute, yeah they ́re always out to win and in the end i will be taking in for nothing, for trifle, for shit ain ́t be surprised when i quit persecution and no chance that they desist ain ́t willig to forgive impossible to coexist chased. yeah they always out to win by the strong hands of authorities i will be taken in a constant state of duty to obey servants never reflect their ways the fate of individuals has to yield the account of a criminal a subject is now what was a live before they ́re deaf when we implore servitor behind your book of rules y!ou ain ́t got conscience you ́re just one of them tools
secure bastion defensive walls self-sufficient can ́t look outside no effort has to be taken we found our place to erst there is no need for reflection since we found our consent blind repeat deaf recall silently repeat aggressive attitude towards what is new all these fine achievements reserved for only a few deal with it defensive walls can ́t look outside who needs help or shelter or is new to our rules won ́t be integrated but be giving the boots strangers are treated like outlaws and we don ́t even know who they are, where they come from but degradate them to foes approval we ́re stewing in our own juice and keeping it for ourselves
prejudice venomous isolation measuring these people by a temporary glance became an habitus casted out always about to bug out day in day out caused by a collective urge for consent a consent of look, of activity who steps out of line contravenes the policy to belong to the majority access denied, they can never go unless they change their ways unless they change their flow they got the deadly eye they got called names in the end the majority holds the reins
sleep sirenes begin a cry a tune of death Wake chaos unfolds mortal agony commences din shaking earth something bashes down get out! all of a sudden disoriented a maw spews death and doom a gullet drowns in blood a shell follows its command then washes its hands in innocence the effiency of combat
i am stuck in my routine tied up with chains i can not break each time the same cycle, same process, same scheme it is ahead and i can not overtake my sight is blurred by a bitter sweet haze of wishes, presumptions, boast and deceit i lied to myself when i said i ́ll change my ways another atempt, another defeat and once again it stays the same once again i tried in vain a permanent repeat of fails once again i feel ashamed of myself self inflected misery narcitssic fuck! emotionally numb! concealing this mental injury brazen imposter! conceited scum! an inmate in this prison of lies constantly mistaken with independancy abusing trust, sucking out live all destructive tendencies because i lurch at the edge of an abyss and i ́m already heading down




released February 15, 2019

all music and lyrics written by chaver


all rights reserved



CHAVER Leipzig, Germany

CHAVER started in 2016

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